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Fit Friend Friday: SUPA NOVA FIT

Ah, the lovely digital work of social media. There are so many dreams that can be fulfilled of careers, passion projects and budding friendships. As a avid internet scroller I see every online fit fanatic as a friend of mine... in my head of course. However due to the beauty of social media, connections and dreams of friendship DO come true.  Enter "Fit Friend Friday" on The Fit Marquee. This is the day I will highlight interviews with some of the greatest and latest fitness gurus in healthy communities near and far.  These experts are all people that I have cyper stalked ( in a good, legal way of course) and admire there drive and passion for all things health. I am excited to get to know them better and share all their health wealth with my readers. My first "Fit Friend" is a Nola fitness guru, Keya Clark, owner of Supa Nova Fit. She is rocking the New Orleans fitness community with her creative boot camp workouts and hot t-shirt line called "Black Thighs