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Marquee Monday: Beach Body On Demand

Its MARQUEE MONDAY and today we are highlighting Beach Body On Demand (BBD). I know, I know- its been a while since I have posted. But I am a full time school teacher and as many know... school is back in session! It has gotten really busy on that end and that is how BBD has come into play. About three years ago I joined BBD on a whim because of the great price ($99/ year) and amount of product received. BBD gives you access to all Beach Body workouts ever created. I once read someone describe BBD as the " Netflix" of fitness workouts. 😂 Initially, when I subscribed to BBD, I had goals of losing weight and having a variety of workouts- of which it delivers. But at the time I had a lot of personal issues going on, so I wasn't as consistent as I aimed to be. After about two years of doing BBD on and off last year- BBD and I connected with the 80 Day Obsession workout series. I wasn't working full time at the time and needed to do something for my high stress le