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Marquee Monday: Romney Studios

Its MARQUEE MONDAY and today we are highlighting Romney Studios! If you have ever ventured out on Magazine Street in New Orleans, I'm sure that Romney's striking contrast building of all white chicness has surely caught your attention. I first decided to visit Romney this past week in hopes of attending their new cardio class, Bounce, which uses a trampoline as a prop. I was super excited for this new experience and eagerly got to the studio early to sign up. However  upon arriving at the studio I was told that Romney now has TWO locations. And you guessed it- the Bounce class was at the new location called MVNT. After talking with the helpful staff I decided to sign up for their community Pilates class (It was $7- I couldn't pass up such a great deal!)  at the original location and then travel to MVNT which is on Magazine Street also, just closer to the business district. The Romney internal environment is sleek, clean and mostly white. There is a sense of zen thro

Workout Through the Storm

Unwelcomed guest Tropical Storm Barry is fast approaching the Gulf Coast.  A good amount of Louisiana residents are still in town to ride the storm out. I am a percentage of these residents. As nerve racking as it can be to be stuck in the house all day, some people find comfort in food. It's true, it's true... I am a percentage of those people too. I was really aiming for healthy snacks like fruit, smoothies, seeds, nuts, olives. However my dad snuck out and came home with french bread, crawfish, crabs, fried shrimp and french fries. Yall' I gave in! My nerves were bad. Today is a new day and I started off strong with some online workouts! Yay! So far I had a smoothie, fruit, beans, green and quinoa. With my healthy start I want to encourage my readers who are sequestered to their homes because of the storm to eat and workout! Below I have a list of some FREE workouts on Youtube that can keep you aligned with your health goals and relieve stress. My Top 5 Hurrica

Marquee Monday: Grit Fitness

It's MARQUEE MONDAY and we are highlighting a gym called Grit Fitness in Dallas, Texas! I traveled to Dallas and wanted to workout on the 4th. Yes- I love working out that much that I want to get it in on a holiday. I did a Pure Barre intensive on Thanksgiving too, lol. I digressed. Anyway, most places were closed on the 4th but I was happy to see Grit Fitness was open and ready to challenge by body. Grit Fitness has three Dallas locations and boast a motto of " No Grit, No Pearl' which greets you in neon lights as you enter the studio. Their schedule is packed with various workouts providing options for all fitness levels.  I took the Power Belle class which was a quick journey through weight, resistance and cardio training. I enjoyed the progression of the class and of course the music was popping. Now let's get into the  rundown in the F.A.S.T. rating system ( F- Fun/ A- Accessibility/ S- Skill/ T- Time): Fun - Dipped in hot pink ever

Getting to Know You...

Hey, hey hey! As the characters from one of my favorite 70s shows, What's Happening, would say. The Internet has really created a platform to get to know people near and far. I remember in elementary school I was given a pen pal, who I would correspond with via Postal Mail. I had this new friend assigned to me from Texas who I would share my everyday happenings, likes, dislikes, boy crushes, etc. I also had other friends through school who eventually moved to places like Chicago and Minnesota of which I would write to. Today I have social media to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. What a gift this Internet is. I'm excited to share how I use the Internet to improve my fitness happens in future posts. But for now... let's get our survey on. Ya girl created a survey pertaining to your FIT LIFE. You will get to know my fit traits first and then you can copy the survey with your choices. Please feel free to cut and past your responses in the comments section.

Tasty Tuesday

Its Tasty Tuesday! Time to partake of my Pinterest adventures in cooking and baking. I love fruits and veggies but I am not a full vegan. My recipes will be mostly plant based and sometimes will have seafood. Hey I am authentically a NOLA girl; I have to get some seafood in every now and them. First off we have these delicious Chick Pea Brownies. They were surprisingly delicious. I made everything in a food processor. I will say my chick peas were a little hard and did not grind all the way. However it did not take away from the chocolate taste. I love the fact that these brownies can fulfill your sweet tooth and provide protein. No flour is needed for this recipe! Chick Pea Brownies Next on my Pinterest Recipe Popping is a Vegan Vanilla Cake. As you can see from the picture I decided to create cupcakes instead of doing a whole cake. As with the previous recipe, the process was very easy so don't get intimidated with the list of ingredients. I will say the taste is great

Marquee Monday: Boot Camp Workout with Pete Kraus

Its MARQUEE MONDAY and I'm highlighting my Boot Camp experience with Peter Kraus at the New Orleans Smoothie King Arena! This event was sponsored and hosted by Michelob Ultra brand for their Movement Wellness tour. Guests were welcomed to the event by photographer and a themed backdrop to take fun pre-workout photos. From there we gathered in the arena and anticipated a high intensity workout with Peter. Posing in front of the backgroud. Peter Kraus is a master fitness trainer from Wisconsin. He is the owner of a gym where he teaches group fitness classes. Fun Fact: Pete was a contestant on "The Bachelorette." I did not know before attending the class. But he is a cutie. 😍 Today's workout was a HIIT Boot Camp style workout. It consisted of various calisthenics such as planks, burpees and squats. I was impressed with the flow of the class and it seemed to fly by! After class participants were able to socialize in the mist of music along with salads,