Getting to Know You...

Hey, hey hey! As the characters from one of my favorite 70s shows, What's Happening, would say.

The Internet has really created a platform to get to know people near and far. I remember in elementary school I was given a pen pal, who I would correspond with via Postal Mail. I had this new friend assigned to me from Texas who I would share my everyday happenings, likes, dislikes, boy crushes, etc. I also had other friends through school who eventually moved to places like Chicago and Minnesota of which I would write to.

Today I have social media to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. What a gift this Internet is. I'm excited to share how I use the Internet to improve my fitness happens in future posts. But for now... let's get our survey on.

Ya girl created a survey pertaining to your FIT LIFE. You will get to know my fit traits first and then you can copy the survey with your choices. Please feel free to cut and past your responses in the comments section. ALSO share the link with friends and family so they can join in too. We can all get to know each others' fitness habits and bond in healthy oneness.


Favorite Workout: Pure Barre (It gets the job done and quick results!)
Weirdest weight loss/ gain: LOSS- A breakup had me smaller than my high school weight. I loss 12 lbs!
Fav healthy snack: Smoothies, fruit
Body Goals: Ciara, Gabby Union, JLo
Workout Soundtrack: House music, Fit Radio Play list
Fav Workout Moves: Any ab or glute work
Fav Workout Equipment: Resistance bands, BOSU Balls
Best Outdoor Workouts: Boot Camps or Riding Bicycle
Favorite Cheat Day Food: French fries or a whole french bread

Tag Your Workout Buddies And Include the Hashtag!!

See you on the Marquee..


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