Vision Board Surfing

June is a time for traveling, relaxing, taking breaks and preparing for new adventures. It is also the half year mark and I'm wondering how many people are still sticking with their goals for 2019.
My Vision Board!

Vision boards and vision casting are very popular these days. Like many others, I created one in December with pictures and phrases I wanted to fill my 2019. Well... I like to think I am making baby steps towards my goals. Hey- this blog is one of those baby steps to my "fitness guru" phrase on my board. Go Me!!

According to a Forbes Magazine article 85% of small business owners that used vision boards report they have accomplished more than half of their goals.  The article also noted that an important factor to this success is visualizing your goal in detail and technicolor.

STOP!! Take a 2 minute break from this post and schedule a time to visualize your most desired goal today........ Go ahead- put it on your phone calendar and set an alarm for it. Block off at the least 5 minutes..........................

There! I was your accountability partner for the moment. Want me to follow up with you on this? Well answer the questions
below :

Are you being consistent with your 2019 goals? Do you want me to follow up with you on your vision casting for this week?

Post your answers in the comment section and let's finish 2019 with a "fit" vision mindset!


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