Fit Friend Friday: GET FIT WITH COREY

It’s FIT FRIEND FRI-YAY!  Today I am highlighting a Nola native, Corey Elbert AKA Get Fit With Corey. Elbert, a personal trainer and group fitness leader, found interest in the health industry while competing in pageantry. Little did I know that Corey is not only a champ in the fitness arena but a real life superhero serving as full time police officer!

I had the pleasure of attending one of Corey’s high-energy step classes before the quarantine. It was not only fun, had popping music and fly movements but Corey is so engaging. He has jokes, personality and will “drop it low” with you side by side if you need the encouragement.  He is most definitely one of my #FITFRIENDGOALS.

Read more about Corey below:

Explain how you got your start in fitness.

CE:I started the love for fitness, first, as being a member of a gym and doing classes as a student. In 2015 I participated in male pageantry where I competed against other guys for titles to be king for various pageant systems. In pageantry, there were several categories I had to compete in, which included swimwear. At that time I never did a pageant that included swimwear, but I really wanted to get involved. I felt I didn't have the body to showcase at the time, but I was willing to workout to get it. So it was then I joined a gym, attended group fitness classes, and worked really hard to get my body where I wanted it be. Fast-Forward a bit... I competed in that pageant, not only winning swimwear, but also winning the pageant overall. Let's just say that in itself sparked an on-going desire to maintain my body image.     

So many fitness classes are popping up and around the city. Why did you start teaching fitness classes and what makes your classes stand out?

CE:  I actually had a random conversation with a co-worker's wife one night and she mentioned she was a Step Instructor at a gym. I went on to tell her the love I had for Step and she suggested I'd give teaching it a try. So I did just that. I applied at YouFit Health Club, got certified as a group fitness instructor and got the job. 

Throughout the years I've adapted my style of teaching based on what I wanted as a student when I took fitness classes. I always had fun, and looked forward to the next class. The classes I took were challenging, fun, great environments, had fun-loving class members, and the instructors did not play! As a teacher, that's just the things I strive to have for each class. When you can work someone out to the point of exhaustion and they still leave class with a smile and asking when's the next one... I've done my job. I can admit my classes are challenging but I love that style! It maintains those that can handle the heat, those who just want a great workout, and those that may need help building up their strength. Everyone has a chance to grow together. It's a win, win for everyone in attendance. My classes standout because of my personality. As a participate of my class you will experience being led by a drill sergeant, club hype-man, and comedian all at once. You will for sure forget you're working out.                

I see that you are a police officer and fitness guru. How do you balance the two jobs?

CE: It is a challenge, but now doing this for 5 years, it's become my lifestyle. The number one challenge was getting rest. Having to teach classes, train clients and still having to police the city all in one day left my down-time slim to none. I managed to take breaks, and naps between to maintain my energy levels and accomplish my daily tasks. I never looked at teaching my classes or
training clients as a job. It's fun times for me. Also having people there waiting on me to work them out gives me motivation to push and give them the best workout they can ever ask for. It's the people who support me that help make me forget about the little down-time I have.     

With the city quarantined for another month- how have you adapted your classes to this change?

CE:  I have taken my fitness classes online. I now have all of my classes LIVE where my members can participate at home or wherever they are and still get a great workout with me. I've been asked by so many people over the years to provide my services online and never got a chance to implement it because of everything else I was juggling. Even though it's a rough time we're living in, this was also a great time for me to start just what I've always wanted to do. This is what I call "making lemonade," when life gives you lemons. For more information on how someone can join online, visit   

Who or what is your fitness inspiration and why?

CE: My fitness inspirations are the various people that come to my classes. In one class, I have young, seasoned, various races, men, women, and various fitness levels. That brings me joy knowing I can reach an array of people and help them accomplish their goals all while working together.

Your most popular class is a high energy step aerobics class. Why step aerobics? And how do you sell step aerobics to men?

CE: I love Step! I like to think I can't dance, but as a step instructor I'm able to create and execute routines that others love. It's an amazing feeling knowing that people enjoy my classes and
get a great workout in. 

As far as men doing fitness classes. It can sometimes be an uphill battle because of the idea that classes are for women. I always invite guys to take my classes and try it out. Many of the guys that are invited stick around and continue coming. Often times I use reverse psychology and say things like, "I bet you won't last" and that kinda motivates them to at least try. They learn quickly that it isn't just a women's thing. It's challenging!    

I have been to one of your classes and it definitely brings the fun and challenge sides of fitness together. What is the preparation process for your classes?

CE: I simply do a pep talk to myself, to pump myself up and go in there and give the best class I can each time. I feed off of the energy from my students and that helps a lot. 

What would be your local cheat/ reward meal?

I'm from New Orleans. I'm sorry to break the news to y'all but I EAT! lol I love food but I eat in moderation. I don't over-indulge, but I don't neglect my taste-buds either. 

5 Favs of Get Fit With Corey

#Bodygoals Role Models: I don't like to compare bodies. To me, I have desires on areas I want to improve and I work really hard to do so. It's personal desires and not based on someone else's body image.
The music that keeps my workouts LIT: I love all kinds of music. Anything with high-energy and a great beat, I'm using it! 
Fav Workout Moves: Various Squats
Fav Workout Equipment: Cables
Best Outdoor Workout: Taking a jog in an area with nice scenery.

Follow Corey on Instagram: Get Fit With Corey

Sign up for some online classes with Corey here: Get Fit With Corey Online Classes


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