Costa Rica Chica Part 2

Costa Rica Chica Part 2

**Edit** I initially wrote this blog post about a week and a half ago. Little did I know it was the beginning stages of the corona virus for my mom and a less severe version for me. We are both doing better now. It has been a very scary two weeks because the symptoms are serious. From experience- please adhere to instructions from health care professionals: Stay INSIDE as much as possible, exercise and eat healthy! If you are not building your immune system- do so. ***

This first week being quarantined has not been the best. I am now working from home and taking care of my mother who was ill this week. On top of that I have had sinus issues and a consistent cough. Because of this I have literally been inside the whole week to stay away from others in precaution. Today I do feel a lot better and had enough strength and time to update my blog. It's my form of self care. 

Four weeks ago as I frolicked throughout Costa Rica I never knew just how special this moment was. Given the climate of our daily life today, travelling out of the country was a gift.  Costa Rica 2020 was a God sent blessing. I am truly grateful.

As we continue from Part 1 (If you have not read part 1 check it out here), we left off in Liberia, Costa Rica enjoying mud baths and hot springs. Next stop on our tour was Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Tamarindo is a beautiful, busy beach city. It is definitely a tourist attraction. We were fortunate to get great accommodations the day before at Lapalapa Beachfront Hotel. It’s the cutest hotel room with a patio that opens to the beach!
In front of our beach front hotel room La Palapa

The beach was picturesque with white sand and clear, warm blue water. Melani and I didn’t waste anytime jumping into our bathing suits to transform into #beachbabemode. I started out my beach day with reflexology on the beach. I love pampering.
Reflexology on the beach

After the beach we decided to spend the evening walking around the city and found a delicious restaurant called Rumors. I had the BEST Vegan Portobello burger with fries and a strawberry mango smoothie. They also have vegan quesadillas and serve breakfast with many options. The burger was so delicious I actually went back the next day and got another one! LOL
Portobello Burger at Rumors

Smoothie at Rumors

The next day I was talked into taking surf lessons with Melani at the La Palapa Surf School right outside our hotel room. The gag is… I don’t know how to swim, lol. It was quite fun and surprisingly a great workout. There were a lot of planks push ups on the board, core control and carrying your boards to and from the surf site. I wiped out every time in the ocean. I love that I was courageous once again. And I got to add another memorable "first" to my checklist.

Later that day we drove into San Juan to rest and be closer to the airport for our departure the next day. We booked another gem through with the Radisson Hotel. On top of that I booked on T-Mobile Tuesday, which allotted deeper discount with We also got a room upgrade from the hotel to top it off!

Vegan pizza at Pizza Oliva
Our final restaurant on the trip was a cute pizzeria called Pizza Oliva. What’s funny about this place is that Melani and I were very hungry and thought this place was going to be too far.  Well after looking at other options we decided to drive to Pizza Oliva, which was about 28 minutes away. Y’all- it was worth it! The waitress said they made their own vegan cheese from cauliflower and I was sold! It was hands down the BEST vegan pizza I have ever tasted. The flavor was spot on. The texture is not like traditional cheese and I’m ok with that. Pizza Oliva vegan pizza was something I wish I could have ever week.

Special Recognition-

Vegan Pasta at Organico Fortuna
This open- air patio restaurant had a bounty of vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I actually had a hard time deciding on one entrée. I opted for the vegan cashew cheese and sweet pepper pasta. It was delicious and a huge portion.

Vegan Pancakes at Artisano
Outside of San Juan we had breakfast at this restaurant. As others in this community there are various options for all diets. I had the vegan banana pancakes with a smoothie. The pancakes were light, fluffy and filling.

I cannot get pass how our lives are truly a gift. How are you truly living your life to reflect gratitude towards God for what He has done? Just a thought and something I am still contemplating as I embrace this time at home with family. If and when you have an answer for that question- share it with us in the comments section. We can inspire each other.

Happy Nesting...


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