Marquee Monday: Boot Camp Workout with Pete Kraus

Its MARQUEE MONDAY and I'm highlighting my Boot Camp experience with Peter Kraus at the New Orleans Smoothie King Arena!

This event was sponsored and hosted by Michelob Ultra brand for their Movement Wellness tour. Guests were welcomed to the event by photographer and a themed backdrop to take fun pre-workout photos. From there we gathered in the arena and anticipated a high intensity workout with Peter.
Posing in front of the backgroud.

Peter Kraus is a master fitness trainer from Wisconsin. He is the owner of a gym where he teaches group fitness classes. Fun Fact: Pete was a contestant on "The Bachelorette." I did not know before attending the class. But he is a cutie. 😍

Today's workout was a HIIT Boot Camp style workout. It consisted of various calisthenics such as planks, burpees and squats. I was impressed with the flow of the class and it seemed to fly by! After class participants were able to socialize in the mist of music along with salads, water and other refreshments. All of this fitness , food and fun was my favorite f-word: FREE!!

I'm glad I was able to attend and saving a few dollars on admission was a treat too. Check my blog this week for more free fitness fun in New Orleans this week!

Now let's get into the rundown in the F.A.S.T. rating system ( F- Fun/ A- Accessibility/ S- Skill/ T- Time):

Fun- Peter and other trainers rotated around giving feedback on form for the participants. There was a DJ playing music and a few moments to give your neighbor a "high- five." It was a fun atmosphere. 

Me, Pete and Joy after the workout
Accessibility- The workout, food and parking was FREE! It was a great opportunity if you are a fitness enthusiast or just curious about working out.

Skill- This class was very beginner friendly. There were movements for advance exercisers and alternatives for beginners. 

Time- The workout was about 45 minutes which included warm-up and cool down.
We made it through the Pete Kraus Boot Camp!

Thank you Michelob Ultra, Smoothie King Center and Peter Kraus for this event. Check out the Michelob Movement website to see if the tour will be hitting your town Michelob Ultra Movement Tour


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