Marquee Monday: Grit Fitness

It's MARQUEE MONDAY and we are highlighting a gym called Grit Fitness in Dallas, Texas!

I traveled to Dallas and wanted to workout on the 4th. Yes- I love working out that much that I want to get it in on a holiday. I did a Pure Barre intensive on Thanksgiving too, lol. I digressed. Anyway, most places were closed on the 4th but I was happy to see Grit Fitness was open and ready to challenge by body.

Grit Fitness has three Dallas locations and boast a motto of " No Grit, No Pearl' which greets you in neon lights as you enter the studio. Their schedule is packed with various workouts providing options for all fitness levels.  I took the Power Belle class which was a quick journey through weight, resistance and cardio training. I enjoyed the progression of the class and of course the music was popping.

Now let's get into the rundown in the F.A.S.T. rating system ( F- Fun/ A- Accessibility/ S- Skill/ T- Time):

Fun- Dipped in hot pink everything and fun, positive mottos; This studio is set up as your own selfie haven.  The music is current and is a necessity when doing a fast pace workout. Grit definitely gets the fun factor.

Accessibility- As I mentioned before Grit has three locations which makes it accessible to Dallas residents throughout the area. The location I went to had free parking which is a plus. I paid $20 for unlimited classes for 10 days- which is a new client offer. I did see class packages and a summer special for those who want to turn up their workouts for a few months.

Skill- The great thing about having different workout classes on a schedule is that you can offer clients options. Grit Fitness has not only fitness classes but a few Hip Hop dance classes that is a great introduction to cardio for newbies. I also noticed in the class I took, the instructor gave modifications for beginners, which is helpful.

Time- The Power Belle class was for 45 min, which is awesome! I didn't see any classes over 60 min on the schedule. You know I love effective, short workouts.

I love the empowering atmosphere at Grit Fitness and would love to return someday. If your in the Dallas area, check them out for some fitness and fun!

See you on the Marquee...


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