Marquee Monday: Romney Studios

Its MARQUEE MONDAY and today we are highlighting Romney Studios! If you have ever ventured out on Magazine Street in New Orleans, I'm sure that Romney's striking contrast building of all white chicness has surely caught your attention.

I first decided to visit Romney this past week in hopes of attending their new cardio class, Bounce, which uses a trampoline as a prop. I was super excited for this new experience and eagerly got to the studio early to sign up. However  upon arriving at the studio I was told that Romney now has TWO locations. And you guessed it- the Bounce class was at the new location called MVNT.

After talking with the helpful staff I decided to sign up for their community Pilates class (It was $7- I couldn't pass up such a great deal!)  at the original location and then travel to MVNT which is on Magazine Street also, just closer to the business district.

The Romney internal environment is sleek, clean and mostly white. There is a sense of zen throughout the facility. The Pilates class was a beginner/intermediate level and was taught by Gretchen. The flow was straight forward and she gave some modifications. Keep in mind that Pilates is an exercise regimen that creates lean, long muscles and engages your abdominal wall throughout. If that is your goal, this class is definitely worth a try!
Photo Credit: Romney StudioWebsite

After Pilates, I safely made it to MVNT, which is like a hidden oasis. The studio is located in a small shopping area that included a few eateries and shops. Bounce class asked for clients to bring in light hand and ankle weights (these are at your discretion).

Bounce class was pretty much a controlled experience of jumping in your bed. It was a lot of fun and I was full of giggles during the first song... then it got REAL in there. The cardio was bananas! It was fast- paced, varied and very effective. I'm sure my glutes got way more work than expected. I loved the fact that the instructor came around after we were done to ask if we enjoyed the class and was open to feedback.

Now let's get into the rundown in the F.A.S.T. rating system ( F- Fun/ A- Accessibility/ S- Skill/ T- Time):

Fun- I only took the Pilates and Bounce class this go around, which were both fun in their own way.  Bounce had great music and the trampoline to bring the fun factor in. Keep in mind Romney has an extensive list of classes that includes, Cycle, Mega- Reformer, Boxing and others that are available to

Accessibility- Both locations are on Magazine Street and if you have a car, you already know it can be challenging to park. I would say get to your location early so you can snag a side street parking spot. If you are walking or riding a bike, there should be no problem parking. The price for the community class is $7, which is a steal! Your first class at Romney is $15 and there are many class packs to choose from. There is also a special for classes specifically at the new location which is called, MVMT. Call the studio for those special rates.

Skill- Skill level for the Bounce class would be beginner friendly. However be aware that you will be on a trampoline for the majority of the time. Also, the cardio level is high. Don't eat too heavy before class and bring water! Pilates is all levels welcomed. You will be following the teacher , laying on the floor the whole time. 

Time- Both of the classes I took were under 60 minutes. And the time in Bounce class flew by because it was so enjoyable.

Romney has two beautiful locations and a hearty schedule of classes to choose from. I can honestly say I will be back at the Bounce class next weekend. Sooooo , who is coming with me to Bounce class next week? Let me know in the comments!


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