Workout Through the Storm

Unwelcomed guest Tropical Storm Barry is fast approaching the Gulf Coast.  A good amount of Louisiana residents are still in town to ride the storm out. I am a percentage of these residents.

As nerve racking as it can be to be stuck in the house all day, some people find comfort in food. It's true, it's true... I am a percentage of those people too. I was really aiming for healthy snacks like fruit, smoothies, seeds, nuts, olives. However my dad snuck out and came home with french bread, crawfish, crabs, fried shrimp and french fries. Yall' I gave in! My nerves were bad.

Today is a new day and I started off strong with some online workouts! Yay! So far I had a smoothie, fruit, beans, green and quinoa.

With my healthy start I want to encourage my readers who are sequestered to their homes because of the storm to eat and workout! Below I have a list of some FREE workouts on Youtube that can keep you aligned with your health goals and relieve stress.

My Top 5 Hurricane Barry Workouts:

1. Dance Away the Snacks With This One
Dance Cardio Boot Camp

2. Tone Ya Belly
Physique 57 Ab Workout

3. Quick Cardio
5 Minute Cardio

4. Strengthen Your Arms
Arm Workout

5. Workout and Gain Peace With This One
Stretch and Stress Relief

Let me know if you try any of the workouts in the comment section below.

Stay safe and healthy!


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