Diary of a Vegan Wannabe Entry #1

I truly believe if I had the Internet as a child I would have become a vegan a long time ago. I was a typical child who was a picky eater but I had a twist with my particularities. I NEVER liked milk nor eggs cooked in any fashion. I was a NOLA native who did not eat seafood (of course now I do like seafood. I'll expand on that in another entry.) Normal kid friendly food grossed me out such as hot dogs, flavored chips, chocolate, etc. I would only do plain hamburgers; I mean bun, burger and a little ketchup- that's it.

My favorite snack as a teenager was a plate with different types of fruit and french breach on the side. This was even my bag lunch offerings on field trips. Yes my friends- I am truly cut from a different cloth.

As an adult my life was changed when I tried almond milk for the first time. It was the moment I had a milk drink and did not gag. Ever since that day I have explored vegetarian and vegan cuisine. I love the creativity and health benefits of this cooking style.

This year I completed a Vegan 30 day challenge through a program called the Pan Vegan Challenge (check them out; there might be a group in your city. Its free!) Through this program I was given a vegan mentor, weekly meetings, cooking demos and guided grocery shopping trips. I enjoyed the experience and it was a great accountability partner in my quest to one day, be a completely vegan eater.

Although I have been sidetracked by crawfish boils, tasty fish dishes cooked by my mother and pound cake (a true weakness), I have a 90% plant based diet. One of my favorite past times is looking at vegan dishes on Pinterest and YouTube. There is something comforting to me about watching the meal actually cooked. While I watch the video I think "if they can do it, so can I!"

Here is a list of my 3 current favorite Vegan Instagram:

BOSH- I love these guys because they create everyday foods and turn them vegan. Plus the excellent quality of their videos can sell you on the food alone. They also have a cookbook:
Bosh Cookbok

Minimalist Baker- This chef is known for a short ingredient list with an extensive library of recipes. I heard that Minimalist Baker will be going more plant based and not strictly vegan this summer.
Minimalist Baker Website

Crush Foster- This chef is my alkaline role model. His food is based on Dr. Sebi suggestions on eating. His site has inspiring recipes and realistic approaches. He has cookbooks also!
Crush Foster Cookbook

These are all suggestions and its up to you to try it. Listen to your body! Your body might like a mix of vegan meals and meat. As Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow  would say " You don't have to take my word for it."

Yours on the Marquee...


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