Marquee Monday: Pure Barre

Its MARQUEE MONDAY and our highlighted workout is Pure Barre. I am super excited about this review because Pure Barre (PB for short) has been one of my go to workouts to do exactly what their motto says " lift, tone and burn."

I started taking PB classes about three years ago in Austin, TX. I am a trained dancer so seeing the word "barre" was enticing in itself. Back then the signature class was called PB Classic and was the only class offered (they now have 3 types of classes. More on that later!) Being the trained dancer that I am, I was convinced I would be doing all the dance moves I remember from ballet and probably be the star of the class. WRONG!! The 90 second plank that is included in the warm -up ( Yes I said warm-up) was enough for me to twirl on out the room. It. Was. Hard. After making it through the class I decided that a regular dance class would do just fine for me.

After taking my regular dance classes and eating healthy, I still was not losing weight in the places I wanted to. Nor was I looking toned. I believe it was an angel that put a email in my inbox about a free week at PB for newbies. I gave in and attended and I have not look back since. I tell all who will listen- PB will give you quick results and it is the kryptonite of your lower abs. I am in better shape than when I was actually taking dance classes five times a week! I know one thing for sure... PB will always be a part of my exercise regimen. Its the truth.

PB has evolved in the last few years. They now have 3 types of classes to offer clients to create a form of cross training within its technique. Classic is your full body workout that uses resistance tubes, small ball and optional hand weights as props. PB Reform is resistance training and uses resistance band and sliders as props. PB Empower is the cardio or HIIT workout that uses hand/ankle weights and a platform as props. It is my recommendation that if you are a newbie to start with the PB Classic workout first. It serves as a foundation of what the technique is all about and will make you a more informed client when trying the other classes. I have seen enough new clients come in and start with REFORM or EMPOWER and look very confused.

Also since there is a PB lingo that is attached to the workout I also suggest going to youtube and watching informative videos on your first PB visit or what to expect during your first class. Here are a few you can check out:

1.What to know before attending PB
2. PB Types of Classes

Here is my review rundown in the F.A.S.T. rating system ( F- Fun/ A- Accessibility/ S- Skill/ T- Time):

Fun- The music is all upbeat and the perfect soundtrack for the fast pace changes of movement. No two classes are alike which gives you new choreography to look forward to in every class.


In NOLA we have two locations: Metairie location has a spacious parking lot. Magazine Street location has parking on side streets which is free.

Class prices are $25 per class. Your first class is free. There are various packages of classes that fit your schedule with discounted prices. Also there is a first responders discounted package. If you really want to commit to PB there is a yearly membership, which I have, that is deeply discounted and includes other perks such as PB On Demand, free intensives and a product discount.

All equipment for classes is included in your class price. However you are required to wear grip socks during class. PB sells there own brand or if you are a discount shopper like me you can find cool grip socks at TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross Dress for Less for a steal!


This is not a ballet class. I can assure you that if your have never danced before you can still participate in PB. Actually I noticed that the teachers do not use ballet terms to describe the movements we do in class. Like I mentioned before, PB has their own lingo. If you can follow directions, be open to stamina, intense movement -you can do PB.


Classic and Reform classes are 50 minutes and Empower classes are 45 minutes. Class actually flies by because you are doing so much in that time. All classes include warm-up and a cool down. I also love the class challenge at the end of each workout which is in bridge position that give you one last burn of seat and thigh work. PB does not play when it comes to pushing their clients to excellence.


* Challenges that help you reach body goals
* Intensives that help to up your results with more intense workouts
* The teachers and staff know you by name and are super friendly!
* The teachers are #bodygoals as encouragement 

I LOVE PB! And Im sure I will have more posts about them in the future.

Do you think you will try PB? If so drop your comments below. Maybe I can meet you for class if your in Nola!


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