The Fit Marquee

What up world! I appreciate you coming to visit. Get comfortable for a moment as I introduce my site to you.

I am here to be your fit friend who puts you on to all things fitness. Ya know - the hot new workout in town, best foods to maintain your toned bod, clothes that show off your favorite body goals. OR I'm that friend that tells you how to get a toner bod, what to drink before a workout or how to get fit on a budget.

Now please don't think ya girl is only concerned about your external, because your a whole person I have to give tips on how to be your best INNER you too! I'm not so superficial where I can overlook your mental health. We are going to chat on the importance of self care, de-stressing your life and going for career goals even if it means changing your career later in life ( I'm doing that now!).

Last but certainly not least... Financial Fitness will be are part of our journey. I mean- why not??

All of these areas are a part of my journey that I have been embarking on as of recent. I have always loved fitness and being fit. I believe it was cultivated while growing up with a marathon runner father and a Jazzercise loving mother. If I was not working out with one of them I was taking dance class around the city. I became passionate about movement at a young age and the love has open many doors for me career wise.

The Fit Marquee will continue to document my journey in wholistic fitness as I try new options and share my love of what has worked or continues to work for me now. Are you up for this ride? If so - click follow on this blog and find me on Instagram under " The Fit Marquee."

See you on the Marquee side :)


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